Well hello there. You are about to witness something pretty amazing.

We want Mark Zuckerberg to come to the “All about Facebook” conference in Bratislava, Slovakia. We want him to visit us so much that we’ve made him a grill that’s out of this world.

We’ve combined the two things he totally loves (they say).

To impress him we’ve created a little thing we like to call the Facebook Grill.

Facebook Grill is the
coolest grill ever made.

Custom designed, fully integrated with Facebook and packed with wicked features. It literally redefines the cooking out experience.

  • Do you
  • the idea? There is even more to come.

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Wondering how we did it? And why? This video has all the answers.

The ultimate mobile app.

The grill comes with the most amazing mobile app with a bunch of
features designed specifically to enhance the cooking out experience.
Mark won’t be able to live without it once he tries it out. Seriously.
It’s kinda life changing. :-)

Mobile App Mobile App


The app does all the work.

It makes the grill intuitive and ultimately
more powerful. No need for multitasking which
means more time with his friends.


He can automatically post photos when the food is ready.

Mark can share photos of delicious tastiness he’s just created – the app allows him to post it automatically on his wall.

Built-in features that he will fall in love with.

We keep adding more and more. Because our imagination knows no bounds.

  • Bluetooth enabled
    up to 200 foot range
  • Customizable alarms
  • Cooking time
    remaining display
  • Integrated 8 Mpx camera
    with FullHD recording
  • Thermometer
  • Facebook integration
  • Food temperature
  • Unlockable only
    by you
Product Type World’s first facebook grill
Dimensions 38.5 x 27 x 22.5 inches
Cooking area 363 square inches
Material Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
Color Facebook blue
Weight 26.5 pounds
Based on Magnificent Weber Master Touch grill
Customized for Mark Yes

We need your help!

Leave Mark a comment using #facebookgrill and help us make him visit “All about Facebook” conference in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The grill is being custom made at this very moment.

There is one catch though. Mark has to come to Slovakia to “All about Facebook”
conference to get it. But hey, it’s only 6 000 miles.

Who is behind all of this?

Peter Šebo

Peter Šebo

Organizer of the conference

Wanna help? Yes you can!

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